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Zane Hodges Library

Oct 26, 2019

In 1 Kings 4, we get a picture of the golden age of Israel, when Israel was walking in God’s ways under the leadership of Solomon, who was humble enough to have confessed his own ignorance and to have asked God for wisdom. This serves as a contrast to all that the nation will lose in the subsequent chapters of Kings....

Oct 20, 2019

Making good firm and decisive decisions is an important part of Christian living. By examining the decision making of King Solomon early in his reign, we discover that we need to be decisive when a decision is right and appropriate based on the word of God. When our decisions are based on the promises of God, based on...

Oct 16, 2019

What is our life about? Is it about us or is it about the glory of God? The last words of a dying individual are often a window into that person’s heart and soul. David’s final charge to his son, Solomon, serves as a lesson for parents in raising their children. Are we looking for our own self-interest or are we...

Oct 10, 2019

Zane gives an overview of the book of Romans with a focus on Romans 10:9-10 regarding confession for salvation and answers questions from Victor Street Bible Chapel members. 

0:00:00 Overview of Romans
24:55 Questions & Answers on Romans 
41:30 Romans 10:9-10
51:50 More Questions & Answers on...