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Zane Hodges Library

Apr 30, 2024

Zane examines why there are 3 Gospels for discipleship, Matthew, Mark and Luke, and what audience was each Gospel directed to?

Luke – Greek

Mark – Roman

Matthew – Hebrew

How does Matthew’s emphasis for discipleship to the Hebrew audience effect our understanding of the Sermon of the Mount? Matthew is discipleship with the King Jesus. 

An outline of the  Sermon of the Mount:

Prologue: Matthew 5:3-12

Thematic Statement 5:13-16

Body of Sermon: 5:17-7:12

Conclusion: Matthew 7:13-27

In Part 1, Zane explains the Prologue and covers the Beatitudes. The stress of the Beatitudes are on being and not doing. Discipleship to Jesus Christ is character driven not activity driven. The beginning point of all real discipleship to Jesus Christ has to be a recognition that God wants to make you the person that He wants you to be.